Second Chance

Note: Another one of my old poems. Yes, that is my handwriting, I used to sign off as ‘Angel’ quite often back in undergrad, especially when the fear of being caught for not paying attention and thrown out of class was instilled in us =) When my mind wandered, I’d write, and so…one day, instead of taking notes, I did this =D

Poem 2

With a little edit (after looking at it after about 4 years, maybe), this is:
Second Chance

They say love is friendship on fire
Doesn’t that imply you could get hurt?
Why would you want to walk a tight wire
Just to possibly end up feeling like dirt?

But then, it’s also a beautiful feeling
It could turn your world around.
Your life becomes one full of meaning
Feelings of joy and happiness abound.

Maybe you might get hurt someday
After all, it is a part of life.
That doesn’t mean you should keep love at bay
You can’t have life without strife.

Yes, it’s true, friendship’s safer and all
But it’s better to have loved and lost
Than to have never loved at all.
These are things in life with no extra cost!

Go ahead, don’t be scared, take a chance
Give your heart the choice to dance!