Day 15 – Dear Mondays

Note: Halfway through the list, and aptly…on the day I write this it’s a Monday =)

Dear Mondays,

As I sat to write this, I realised that I’ve always had mixed feelings about you. And each time, it confused me, the way I felt.

If the build up to your arrival was good, I cursed you for even making an appearance, and hoped you would just leave me alone! I wasn’t happy with what we had going on, and I’m pretty sure I made it evident quite often that you gave me ‘the blues’.

And then, there are those times when all I can do is wait for you to show up. The time till you do is filled with such drudgery, that I don’t think I may even see you. All I want is you, and you do take your sweet time getting to me then, don’t you?

I have realised lately that I’d like to be more accepting about your presence in my life. After all, if not for you, I may not meet those responsible for my boundless joy ever. And even the woes would stay forever, rather than let us start anew. I’d like to feel good about you, even when the build up is amazing. So, this is a start.

I promise to be nicer from now on, Monday. You’re really not that bad, after all. Just kind of misunderstood. And I know how that feels, trust me =)