30 Letters? Challenge accepted!

So, I was going through some stuff on a blog about Tumblr, and I came across this gem. I figured if Tumblr had mentioned something like this, there is no reason I couldn’t take up one too, on this blog! I’ve really liked some of the lists, and hope to go through them someday. But the one I’ve picked is the 30 Letter Challenge, but I’ve modified it, because I’ve come across different versions, and because it makes more sense to me this way! The main reason for this is, that it helps me keep in touch with my roots of deadlines and my love of writing in general. Also, it is something I’ve always loved doing. Writing letters (whether I send them or not) is something that holds a special place in my life!

This is the list, and from the 30th of January, I shall begin this! In addition to blog articles I (hope to) come up with, there will be a letter for 30 days! Unsure if I can manage it straight for the next 30 days, but I can damn well try! Most names will not be mentioned, for the sole reason that I respect the privacy of people in my life. I shall be addressing them as per the title for the day, and maybe a representative alphabet or something, for those who need to be referred to over and over again. This is going to be a fun and insightful 30 days of writing :)

  • Day 1 — Dear best friends
  • Day 2 — Dear closest friends (after my besties)
  • Day 3 — Dear Mum and Dad
  • Day 4 — Dear bro
  • Day 5 — Dear friends that are like family
  • Day 6 — Dear relatives/family I’m fond of
  • Day 7 — Dear hopes and dreams
  • Day 8 — Dear person I last kissed
  • Day 9 — Dear world
  • Day 10 — Dear stranger
  • Day 11 — Dear younger version of me
  • Day 12 — Dear me who I wish I could be
  • Day 13 — Dear future me
  • Day 14 — Dear person I miss
  • Day 15 — Dear Mondays
  • Day 16 — Dear ex-boyfriends ~ Yes, plural. Deal with it!  :P
  • Day 17 — Dear awesome new friends
  • Day 18 — Dear person from my childhood
  • Day 19 — Dear people that pester my mind/annoy me
  • Day 20 — Dear person I’ve hurt/caused pain to
  • Day 21 — Dear person who caused me pain
  • Day 22 — Dear person/people I don’t talk to as much as I’d like to
  • Day 23 — Dear people who aren’t a part of my life anymore
  • Day 24 — Dear technological thing(s) I appreciate
  • Day 25 — Dear Adam Levine/The Script/Ryan Tedder/Boyce Avenue/Will Smith/JK Rowling/Nicholas Sparks/Neil French (famous people I wish I could meet)
  • Day 26 — Dear musicians
  • Day 27 — Dear people who have been wonderful mentors
  • Day 28 — Dear friends who inspire me, to be the best version of me
  • Day 29 — Dear society?
  • Day 30 — Dear reflection in the mirror

Trying to edit this list was the hardest thing to do, because I needed this to be as personal as it gets. Here’s hoping for some wonderfully inspiring letters and a delightful journey :) Anyone care to join me?



30 before 30? Here’s hoping!

Bucket lists are an awesome concept. They give you a sort of push towards doing more things in life. But most people see themselves as too young to make a bucket list. And before you know it, life passes them by. I always wanted to do the bucket list thing after watching the movie of the same name, but figured as life goes on, my age may be a barrier to some things. Or sometimes some other factor (family, life in general, who knows…). So I figured, why not make a list for every 10-year milestone? After all, you never know which milestone may just be your last…(yes, slightly morbid, but realistic too). And that’s how this list was born.

I’m taking a big step with this. But I’ve been thinking, why not make an actual commitment out of the fact that I want to do 30 things before I turn 30? And not just things that are life goals…but things that make me genuinely happy. If it’s on here, I may actually get around to doing it all, hopefully.

I made this list before I turned 21(way back in October 2010), and as I did, the first thing on the list got crossed off. So through time since then, I’ve been trying to cross of some more things. Here’s the way the list stands today!

My 30 before 30 list (Part 1):

1. Get a tattoo. I actually got two! So far, I’m sticking to those many.

My tattoos <3

My tattoos <3

2. Get a dog.

3. Learn to play the guitar. At least one song, if not more.

4. Learn to cook, properly! It is a continuous process, but it has happened. And I love it!

My attempt at pretty chocolate cupcakes!

My attempt at pretty chocolate cupcakes!

5. Visit Goa at least once. It deserves another proper visit, but once has happened. And it was divine :)

6. Experience and explore India. A land of wonders, there are places I still have to discover within it.

7. Go to Australia for my Masters. Already done with a whole year of it!

Story bridge. Rather iconic, and heartwarmingly beautiful.

Heartwarmingly beautiful.

What I see on my walks everyday through the street mall!

What I see on my walks everyday
             through the street mall!

My uni, where I've met some of the best people of my life.

My uni, where I’ve met some of
           the best people of my life.

8. Learn sign language properly. I know the basic two-handed alphabet of BSL. I’d like to learn more.

9. Go on a long trip/backpacking, with friends/alone (at least a couple of weeks). I’m hoping it’s at one of the foreign land locations!

10. Go to a live concert. David Guetta was definitely a great first concert to go to. But hands down, Coldplay was divine, and has made me infinitely happy!

Creamfields 2012, when the crowd was arriving.

Creamfields 2012, when the crowd was arriving.

David Guetta. Standing on his console, like a boss!

David Guetta. Standing on his console, like a boss!

Coldplay at Suncorp Stadium. Yeah baby <3

Coldplay at Suncorp Stadium. Yeah baby <3

11. Learn Spanish. It has always been a language that I have loved. And, I’m glad to say, I have finally begun with the learning!

12. Learn another foreign language. Maybe Italian, or Chinese even.

13. Read at least 50 novels, more if time permits. It shouldn’t be a point here, but then again…it should. My love for reading needs to be kept alive, and I always want to have a response to the statement ‘So, what are you reading right now?’

14. Do more discovering. About myself, people, places and cuisines. Just trying to find something new every month. I’ve realized that I love doing this, and it’s something absolutely wonderful to do. It gives me such happiness, and I try discovering things about all four things every month =)

15. Get out of my comfort zone, in as many ways as possible. Whether it’s the food that I usually eat, the drinks that I drink, the kind of people I make friends with, the way I feel about love, taking a risk and dating someone I’m scared of taking it to the next level with, or a blind date…Everything needs to be experimented with and explored. Something new may just surprise me, and work!