2013, you’ve been…interesting?

So, last year, I summed up my 2012 with a similar note to this. And I said I was going to let 2013 top 2012. The real question here, of course, is did it top the year I had prior? Well, in some ways it did, and in others it didn’t.

The double Masters of Business that I moved to Australia for was completed successfully. Dealing with the change from a single to a double major was a big deal in itself. And being one of the first few of the family to have a proper graduation was pretty awesome, for them and a whole bunch of my friends too!

Speaking of graduation, my grand mom was super proud that I had made it, and even more so that she could see it in person. Yes, she undertook the long journey to come here from India with mum,and that meant a lot. Not having my whole family here was a bit heart-breaking,but oh well, you win some, you lose some, hey? Something that happens way more than I’d like, the whole family being in different places, but…I’m glad the two women who’ve stood by me through a lot of my life’s education drama could be there to share this with me!

I crossed off a couple of things from my ‘30 before 30 list’. I bought myself my first self-funded Apple product, and finished the double Masters in a foreign country – Australia.

I saw two of my favourite bands live in concert, with people that mattered. First, The Script and then, OneRepublic. I genuinely loved the music they put out as bands, and the people that made these bands amazed me as well. But to see both of them live, oh what an experience that was!

I lived with a roommate for the first time, and love it! Yes, last year, I lived by myself for the first time. I decided to take it a step up from there and live with a childhood friend of mine as a roommate. Best decision we made really! It teaches you to be a bit more social, bit more accepting, and also, how you genuinely feel about having someonearound more often than not, and how you deal with social situations I guess. And in the process, I have a woman around that I can always count on, for good advice, good company and good conversations.

I re-learnt the hard way this year that people who were close to me can, and possibly will, leave…or sometimes, just step away. And the sad thing that I learnt this time around is, you can try as much as you want, if they don’t see their place in your life as prime as you do,there really is no way to get them to stay there.

I learnt that life has a way of throwing things your way that you least expect. Sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes things that just make you go, “Like seriously, what is wrong with you, life?” And all you can do is go at it – chin up, head high and expect the best, while preparing for the worst. A part of me wishes this wasn’t so, but the other part of me realises that if it wasn’t for the not so great, I wouldn’t appreciate the awesome, amazing and beautiful things that happen.

And to round this off, reflecting on the final life-lesson of 2012 of believing I was amazing myself, I’ve come to realise that that was definitely a good belief to start ingraining in myself. At the end of 2013, I’ve had numerous people tell me how wonderful they perceived me to be, that I’m slowly but surely coming to believe in it myself. I have a way to go, but I’m glad I’ve started this journey.

Has 2013 been the amazing year I thought it would be? Not particularly. But has it been worse than 2012? No. What it has been is an average year. And I guess I could count myself as lucky for not having to deal with a horrible year instead of an uninspiring one? 2014, let’s see what you’ve got. Maybe big things are to happen with you? I look forward to finding out!



Note: I mentioned discovering some old poems in my last post. Whenever I get the time, I will be publishing one =)

In every person’s life there comes a change
It may be surprising, it may be strange.
Your entry into my life was a welcome one
It was at a time when in my heart I carried a ton.

You helped me ease the pain, to make a start
In pouring out the deepest worries of my heart.
At first to me it didn’t seem right
To make you worry, or feel sorry at my plight.

But you weren’t bothered about what the world would say
You made it your mission to to brighten my day.
Whenever I was about to stumble and fall
You steadied me, helped me stand tall.

We’ve made our special world because of which we
Know each other so well, it surprises me!
Whenever you need me, know I’m not too far away
And I promise you, I’ll try to keep your worries at bay.

Through thick and thin we’ll stick together
You can be sure, I’ll be there forever.
You make me feel special; you’ve lifted my soul.
Even though I don’t tell you everyday
You mean the world to me, more than words can say!


The only constant in life, is change…

I have to begin this the way that has became annoyingly too familiar lately….I’m sorry. I’m sorry for this long gap in posting anything. I have only had enough time to be scribbling on scraps of paper, rather than construct my blog posts. Being a Masters student, before you know it, assignments are on top of you like nobody’s business, and you get sucked into the whole avidness of life’s routines. Even if you don’t want to, you do.

I know, it has been a while since I’ve last written. I’m just on the verge of completing a very tough semester at uni. And I genuinely miss writing and sharing what I have to say with all of you.

I’m glad that all/most of you are still here. One more week, and I will be free to do what I love. One more week, I ask you to bear with my tardiness. One more week, that’s all.

In the meantime, to some of the regulars on my blog (and to the rest of you, if you have the time), I would like to ask you for a favour. There is a wonderful job in my city that I want to apply for next week. The only thing I can use to apply for it is something I have written that isn’t work-related. And I’m allowed only one item of submission. I would like to pick a blog post, but I can’t decide which one. If any of you can oblige and help me pick, I will forever be grateful. If you’d like to comment here, or inbox me, that will be amazing.

Thank you for your patience. And if you choose to help me, thank you in advance for that.

Till you read me again next week, and you will (I intend to keep my word this time)  :)


Day 11 — Dear younger version of me

Note: Of all the younger versions of me, I’ve decided to write to my 16 year old self. It always is a milestone year for most people, and that was no different for me.

Dear you,

You’re 16. And you’re becoming a delightful young woman. You’ve finally gotten over all those demons that have been holding you back since your childhood.

At 16, you’ve seen more than your fair share of turbulence in your life. But then again, even at this tender age, you’ve realised that your problems are not as big as you think. This too, shall pass – that is your new outlook on life. And one you should always hold on to.

People laugh at you when you say you are a romantic at heart. What could a 16 year old possibly know about love? Don’t listen to them. Age has nothing to do with what you feel about life and love. You could be 50 and not know what love really is. You have a wonderful heart, and don’t you ever forget that.

You have someone wonderful in your life right now, apart from your family and friends. He is helping you discover what your first brush with relationships feels like. The dizzy happiness, the troubled days occasionally, you’ll see it all. But there will be a point when, because of circumstances, he will have to leave you and walk away. Know it isn’t your fault. Know that it isn’t the end of the world either. There will be someone who brings as much, if not more, joy into your life in the future. Always remember, the only constant in life is change. You will be fine with just that piece of advice =)

You’ve been fighting with your body image issues since a long time. I don’t blame you, it’s the way the society (and sadly, even your family) talk about the way you ‘should’ look. I’m glad you’re trying to get over those that bring you down. Remember, in times when you’re in a dark abyss that seems never-ending…you are the master of your destiny. If you aren’t happy about something, take the steps you need to, to change it. And if you are, don’t listen to what the others have to say. They’re missing out on probably one of the best people in their lives!

Doing well in your exams one year, and going slightly downhill the next…It’s tough, isn’t it? Don’t fret. You can’t always be a genius (unless you’re Einstein or someone, but even they had their off days!). There are some things you can’t get. There are some things you will understand (in school and in life) as time passes. It’s not your grades that make who you are (especially since you are no longer going to be a vet!), it’s the way you take on the world that matters.

You’re going to have a wonderful journey, a part of which you already know in your heart. Listen to it always. And, hold your head high, smile…and face the day, and your life, the best way you can!


Me/You =)