Not Everybody Will Love You In A Way You Understand

“Some people love silently. Some love without ever realizing they’re in love — love doesn’t look loving at all. It’s masked by fear, forced into remission, and acted on in bouts of anger and disappointment. Sometimes it’s not being able to look at someone after they’re gone, sometimes it’s not being able to stop, and most times it’s not being able to tell them either way. ”

Really well-written piece, strikes many chords.

Thought Catalog

So much of the tension that turns to friction, and so much of the friction that creates the fault lines that erupt in our relationships has to do with the ways we perceive love, the ways we expect it, and how the love we think we deserve does or doesn’t match up to what we get and, oftentimes, give.

For a lot of people, it’s not about whether or not they’re in love with someone, it’s the nuances that come along with being in love. It’s how they’re in love with them. It’s the ounce of uncertainty we’re told we shouldn’t have. The notion that they’re so young. That someone without such-and-such an issue could come along and be better than what they have now. That there is better out there. The ex who’s more convenient, the distance, the fear of commitment. The timing, the distractions, the impulse to try something else.

And every…

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