A Note From You, From A Time We’ve Left Behind

“But I wish I could’ve been a forever. I was stuck behind line of men that had fallen in love with me and still frightened because of the one that didn’t. ”
So much resonance. Forever, just another time.

Thought Catalog

Spring was almost here, the last grip of winter slowing her release. We met, coincidently, on a cold and rainy night. The rain came down again, but it felt like ice on our face as our cheeks were still red from the walk. We took off our scarves and I warmed my feet on your legs. You never told me if it bothered you, but it became a habit. The habit of someone else thawing my cold.

The weather slowly warmed and the days became wonderfully long. We got into our beds later and later, less touching needed as the world went on. The sisters, spring and summer, were never meant for heavy conversation. They only offered us the playful, the lack of stress when world holds us to the beginning. Our breaths became deep and steady while we took up more of our beds. The early spring unison became…

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