5 Really Stupid Reasons Why I’m Still Single

“I am ready and willing to own up to my flaws. If there were a guy out there who wanted me, and was actively pursuing me, I would be trying. But there isn’t.”
This. The sad truth, hey?

Thought Catalog

“Why am I still single?”, a question that is asked one too many times in my friend group. There’s a good lot of us that have been single for quite a while now, and almost every day we are triggered back into this spiral staircase of loaded questions and empty answers. I had never really thought about it- I mean really thought about it- until I was sitting at home the other day and an old flame from middle school messaged me on Facebook. I then launched into a cycle of imagining being with him, holding hands, going back and seeing his family, and finally being able to be married. But I thought about the fact that I don’t really know him, and that his family kinda freaks me out, and that I don’t know if I’d want to marry him…and then I stopped myself. What was I thinking? I…

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