I just realised when I posted my new poem on my Facebook page, that I have some of you wonderful readers here who aren’t on the page. So I’ve decided to repost it as a blog post =)

Sometimes, things really hit you, right at your core. And the only way to feel like you can deal with it is to write. This is one of those attempts…


How can I tell you
You are the reason for my broken smile
When oftentimes, I have only
Smiled wholly because of you?

How do I describe falling for you
After all this time?
Even though we swore we’d be
Absolutely distraught by something new?

How do I begin to explain the story
Of the spaces between my fingers
Being empty without yours
To really complete the picture?

How do I justify the death
Of the light of true emotion in my eyes?
How it was the offspring of being
Broken by empty words before you?

How do I reason with those very eyes
And tell them about the weariness
Of my heart and soul to chase after
Any tears that choose to run away?

How will your heart ever know
I’m the one you are looking for
When it’s the last thing that you really
Ever want to be sure of?



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