Am I who I wanted to be?

This was a post I had started a while ago, and never got around to finishing. Now is as better a time as any, with the publishing of my last post, to do it. So, here goes.

Every year, I ask myself this question, in terms of the previous year I had. But it’s not so I can make new resolutions on New Year’s (because we all know how that turns out). No, it’s something I do on my birthday, to judge for myself if I still like the person I’m becoming. And to set/edit a few goals/resolutions that help mould that person.

For a while, I’ve been in a reflective mood. Trying to evaluate if I was going on the right path with my life. I generally do this around the time I think I need to evaluate/re-evaluate my goals/resolutions. Then I realised, I didn’t care if it was ‘right’. What I really cared about was if it was the path that made me a happy person or not.

What made me actually finish this piece of writing was when I was talking to someone very close to me, and she said that she was amazed at the person I’d become. That I’d changed, and yet I still remained the same. How did that work?

When I was evaluating that statement, I realised what it was. I had begun to heal from the old, not so complete version of myself. I was more confident. I was more open about what I had to say. And, as per my best friend, I was “becoming more of a woman”. Yes, he actually says things like that to me :)

Am I the best version of myself that I can ever be? No. But I’m definitely on the path to being it. And I like the way I’m going.

I have finally realised that my path to progressing towards being the person I want to be is not dependent on what people around me think. It matters more as to what I think, and whether I am willing to go to whatever lengths for it.

Something tells me I am.




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