25 Things I’m Afraid Of

“We become less afraid, together.” Beautiful.

Thought Catalog

Recently, I decided to take a break from my life and go home for a month, to get both personal and professional help for extreme anxiety, a constant stream that built up in me and took the place of emotion. It was what I felt instead of anger, instead of love, instead of desire: fear. It’s weird to share that with everyone on the internet, the proverbial viewers at home, but if I can’t be honest about this, I can’t be honest about anything. If I didn’t write this piece, I couldn’t call myself a writer.

This is a list article. I know a lot of people hate list articles because they think that list articles are lazy and uninspired and that the person writing them is bad writer or isn’t pushing themselves. I know some people who think that lists are ruining the internet, our obsession with bulleting and…

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