Why You Are Wrong For Me

So relevant to so many things I’ve seen, in my life and others’.

Thought Catalog

There are so many reasons why you are right for me. Look! I even made them into a neat list so they’re clear to you:

  • We’re enjoying getting to know each other
  • We make each other laugh
  • We have many similar personality traits
  • We are honest with each other
  • We see eye-to-eye on many important issues
  • We are good at communicating with one another
  • We feel comfortable together
  • We’re attracted to each other (well I’m at least attracted to you, and I’m guessing you are to me because sometimes you look at me funny)
  • We look really cute together
  • I get really excited when it’s time to go see you
  • It just sort of feels right and natural to be in each other’s company

See! Lots of reasons why you’re right for me, based on what I’m looking for in a partner (and what I assume you, too, are looking…

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