Why bother? Because it matters.

I’ve always loved to write. It took some time to realise how much, but I did. Random scribbles on papers, makeshift diaries, notes on the phone, drafted messages…Every medium I could, I’d write. It helped me discover thoughts and stories about myself. It helped me work on the person I was, to be the person I am.

And then, life happened. I lost touch with it all. The scribbles went down from every other day or week, to only when I felt I needed to vent. The most writing I got done after undergrad was when I was working, and that was because I was being paid to do it. I loved what I was doing, but I was doing it out of necessity, more than anything else.

When I was disconnected from writing for the love of it, there was a lack of something in my life that I couldn’t quite put a finger on. Then one day, I just took up a pen and  a book. And wrote. And just, kept going. That was when I realised, getting back in touch with this was like reconnecting with a part of my soul I didn’t even know was there.

That’s how two of my blogs were born. One has been sporadic on the entries, this one…hopefully not so. I’m scribbling virtually now. To remind myself, that I have an outlet. To discover as much about life and the world as I can. To remember things that make a difference, and then some that are just there. To smile, to laugh, to worry, to move on. To hopefully never, ever lose that part of my soul again.



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